This would help you determine if he truly loves you or not

Love, as amazing as it is, can also a bit scary especially for ladies , and a lot of them keep their guard up until they are sure their boyfriends feels a certain way in order to keep from getting hurt.

1. He listens to you

We can’t deny the fact that women are much better listeners than men.  So, when a man not only hears you but actively pays attention and responds – a skill called active listening – you can have confidence that he cares.


2. He plans the ‘us’ future

If he constantly talks and daydreams about you two in the next year or years together every time, he definitely loves you. That would simply imply he can’t see himself in the future without you.

3.He supports your aspirations

He always lifts you up and never puts you down. He wants to see you succeed in everything you do.

4. You are his priority

Does he put his phone down, pause the video game, halt the sports anytime you are around ? If he does all of these then you should know he is number one on your list.

5. He involves you in his life

He’s not distant; he doesn’t keep you at arms length from the various things he’s got going on in his life. Instead, he’s an open book who wants to involve you in everything he does.

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